Room for Mystics

Sandra Meigs and Christopher Butterfield
30 paintings, wall banners, mobile, 15 speakers, amplifiers, sound (recorded and live)

About Room for Mystics

Meigs, 64, won the annual $50,000 Gershon Iskowitz Prize back in 2015, which comes typically with a solo exhibition at the AGO the following year. Inside, the reason for the delay comes clear: 30 paintings, all made specifically for this moment, sit propped back to back on custom-made easels. A giant bright red mobile — a pair of thick-lashed eyes, peacefully shut, twirling above a placid, slow-sweeping grin — dangles languidly overhead.

Amid the brass procession — an everyday occurrence for the show’s full run, by the way, at 11:30 a.m. — a spare chorus of single notes rises and falls, perpetually wrapping Meigs’ sunny space in an enveloping calm.
— Murray Whyte, November 16, 2017, Toronto Star