The Basement Piles

2012 – 2013
6 paintings, acrylic on canvas

About The Basement Piles

The Basement Pile paintings are from my sister Bonnie’s basement, in a house she has been living in for more than 40 years, in New Freedom, Pennsylvania. The basement is unbelievably beautifully full of piles of stuff. It is really amazing. I went to visit her in the winter of 2012. She let me go down there and take photos. I took about 500 photos, and the paintings are from the photos. There are many beautiful objects down there. All can be brightly lit with the incandescents hanging down from cords. There is a metal lathe down there. There is also a rowboat that my nephew built, up on sawhorses. It has never been taken outside. There is an old oil tank and also a new gas system, with a big air pump going into a central grid on the first floor. There is a table saw. There is random stuff piled on other stuff. There are piles that my sister calls “project piles.” There are several washing machines, including an old wringer washer, and a table with lots of laundry on it. I just love that basement and would like to go back there again.
— Sandra Meigs, January 30, 2015.