Three Places

3 works, wood cabinets, fabric, video players, movie loops

About Three Places

Three Places is a trio of videos displayed on custom consoles with fabric skirts. The Reading Gaol presents the interior of my husband’s pub in Seattle, made from over 1000 stills I took inside the pub 2 weeks prior to his death in 2011. My husband, Paul, had operated the bar for over 15 years, and this film is in memorial to him. The Fishing Cottage presents the interior of a small fishing shack in Conanicut, Rhode Island, which I rented for a week while pursuing another project in Providence, Rhode Island in 2008. The family renting out this cottage hadn’t changed any of the decor or ‘knick-knacks’ in almost 40 years. The small cottage was surrounded by “monster vacation homes” on a tiny street near the shore on Jamestown Island. The Crawl Space presents the underground of my house, which is built on a rock. The crawl space contained the entire skeleton for all the old systems of the house, dating back to 1922. I documented the crawl space in this series of stills just weeks after moving into the house.
— Sandra Meigs. January 7, 2015.