upcoming exhibition / by Sandra Meigs

All to All. Elevator. Group 1.

All to All

September 10 - October 24, 2015

Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

All to All                                                                                                   

In All to All everything that is the Individual is also everything that is possible in the Universe. There is nothing and there is everything. Time exceeds space. Space is infinite in immensity. Particles of matter are infinite in tininess.  

 All to All is prolific in individual forms and to be continued. All the forms are circular.  There are 10 paintings on 4’ diameter canvases, 150 paintings on 16” diameter paper, 7 chiming wall clocks that do not tell time, 6 rotating cookie tins that make a racket of noise, and 15 black plaster disks representing the Ego, in small, medium, and large sizes.  In the upstairs gallery The Bones in Golden Robes self-activate in a revolving motion. Everyday the artist will raise the amplitude of vibration throughout the space of the exhibition through the playing of a gong for 15 minutes.  In All to All there are: The Mystics (10), Elevators (30), EGOs, small, medium and large (15), the rotating Tins (6), Chiming Unclocks (7), Spinning Bones in Golden Robes (6), and a 34” Chau Gong.